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The Comfortable Spot is a series of conversations with interesting people from different walks of life. You may not know all of them, but you might find them intriguing, so I hope you are sitting comfortably and happy to stay with us. New episodes every Monday.

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What the listeners say

Wonderfully lively, knowledgeable and wide ranging – with a host who asked short open questions and engaged with the answers.

Rosemary Wake

Oddly comforting podcast with interviews of interesting people you’ve probably never heard of. The host is a solid interviewer and the whole thing feels like a fireside chat in a quiet pub.

David Todd McCarty

Ken has a great interviewer style which makes each episode more of a conversation. I really enjoyed the episode with Katja Hoyer. Looking forward to more.


What a lovely gem of a podcast. Ken does a great job of engaging with his guests through obviously researching the topics beforehand. A comfortable style and easy to listen to, the audio quality is exceptional. I particularly like the Clare Mulley feature as I love aviation, but am now looking out for more episodes in the back catalogue to catch up on. Well done Ken a really good podcast to have in the queue!


Have listened too all of your casts now – though gotta listen to Fergal Linehan again – I was a bit distracted that day! – a great listen, Ken, enjoy your style!

Eugene Ryan

This is a superb episode. Very interesting conversation about how we’re still so influenced by the ancient world to this day. Great banter between you and Tristan. Great interview, am loving this podcast series!

Stella Bass