The Comfortable Spot is a series of conversations with interesting people from different walks of life. You may not know all of them, but you might find them intriguing, so I hope you are sitting comfortably and happy to stay with us.

About the host

Ken Sweeney is a writer, editor and award winning podcast producer based in Ireland. His extensive work includes the ground breaking podcast series, The Moldovan Coffee Break, and the fun filled children’s book review podcast with his daughter, Lidia’s Booktastic Podcast. Ken is also one of the founders and directors of The European Network: a media platform that supports aspiring writers and journalists from around the world.


“As part of my job at Hostwriter, a global cross-border journalism network, I collaborate with journalists and citizen investigators from all over the world, and I can tell you that Kenneth Sweeney is a pro. He is a pleasure to talk to and excellent at drawing out interesting angles to discuss on any topic. Its a treat both to work with him, and to listen to his work with others. I’m a fan of his podcast and always excited to see what he works on next.” Tina Lee, Editor-in-chief of Unbias the News

“I have done several podcasts over the years and can highly recommend Ken Sweeney’s ‘The Comfortable Spot’. For one thing, I did feel thoroughly comfortable because Ken had read the material closely – my book – and clearly spent time creating questions that, from my stance as interviewee, easily stimulated decent conversation. He also listened closely to my answers which enabled him to draw me out further on a point I might otherwise have abandoned. In short, he helped me come across as intelligent – a rare occurrence indeed. He was thoroughly efficient, courteous and kind and it was an absolute pleasure being interviewed by him.” Nicola Pierce, Author

“Ken is the epitome of professionalism, providing a space for intellectual rigour, combined with broad appeal, to provide a podcast that enriches and enlivens the public debate.” Kevin Meagher, Author

Production Notes

The Comfortable Spot Podcast is recorded on the RØDECaster Pro using the RØDE PodMic with editing via Audacity multi-track audio editor.

Off site recordings are via the Zoom H6 portable audio recorder.

Podcast theme music is Midnight Oil by Needmospace.

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