Dr. Fergal Lenehan

Today I’m joined by Dr. Fergal Lenehan. Fergal is based at the University of Jena, Germany, where he is a full-time researcher at the project called ReDICo: Researching Digital Intercultureality Co-operatively. A believer in Social Europeanism, he is an author and recently also a co-editor of Reclaiming the European Street by President Michael D. Higgins. I decided to sit down and talk to him about this recent book as well as out mutual appreciation of all things European. So I hope you are sitting comfortably and happy to stay with us.

Our conversation began with me quizzing Fergal about his reasons for entering academia and research (01:52) and how his work brought him to Germany. We went on to discuss the Erasmus programme in Europe (03:55) and how it had benefited him personally, as well its achievements as an initiative. The topic of Ireland’s place in the EU came up (12:30) with us teasing the idea that Ireland is between two worlds with the US on one side and Europe on the other.

On the end side of the episode, I asked Fergal about the story behind his book, Reclaiming the European Street (17:25) which was an interesting one that even included children’s television programme, Paw Patrol! We then moved on to chatting about life in Germany (24:15) and comparisons and differences with Ireland. Next was a detailed chat about Fergal’s research and his project, ReDICo: Researching Digital Intercultureality Co-operatively (31:00), before finishing up with me asking if he misses Ireland (38:15).

Show notes

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