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Today, I’m joined by an author and blogger Insuk Kim. Insuk is a native of South Korea, but is an extensive traveller who now resides in Greenland. Insuk’s love for Japanese and French culture initially took her to Japan before she embarked on a journey to Europe and, in particular, France in order to follow her passion for all things French, including historic figures like Marie Antoinette.
While studying there, she began her love affair with the island of Greenland and today, she is a permanent resident of the island.

I met Insuk as a result of a media project that I am currently working on and after a few conversations I realised that I had to get her as a guest, as Insuk’s story is not only fascinating, it’s also a wonderful guide for those who wish to follow their dreams and travel the world, so I hope you are sitting comfortably and happy to stay with us.

I was keen to ask Insuk about her life path from South Korea to Greenland (02:10) which included a wonderful story about her love for all things Japanese that also introduced her to France and, in particular, to 18th century French culture. Insuk majored in French culture (03:40), but she decided to spend two years in Japan and when a gap year arrived, after searching the globe for interesting places to go to, Insuk took a trip to Greenland (06:25) and kicked off her love affair with the Arctic island. Insuk travelled to Greenland in 2010 (07:20) and we discussed travelling alone as a woman and how she has an amazing support base from her parents.

As her love for Greenland grew, she returned in 2015 when she obtained a place at the University of Greenland (10.45) and has been living there ever since. We went on to chat about her experience as a traveller and resident in Greenland (12.50), and how she initially dealt with the language barrier and settling in. I was interested in talking with Insuk about her homeland of Korea (20:50) and how the country is viewed in terms of culture around the world. We also discussed the future of Greenland (26:55) in terms of society and possible independence, and finally, we had a brief chat about Insuk’s favourite books, her work for Visit Greenland and also her own book, I live in Greenland which was published in Korean.

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