Martin Quibell

“That’s what I should be doing. I shouldn’t be doing just the basic, almost like Parky on television – you ask them the question – you get the answer, you ask the question – you get the answer. I need to introduce people to who these people are and what their show is about by introducing to their knowledge of what they are all about. I was never going to be the sort of person who’s picky and choosing with, well, you know, I’ve got problems with your show because of this, this and this, – I couldn’t be that sort of person. It was about introducing people to what they were and if they want to follow that up and have a listen to that podcast cause they were interested in those people and what they have to say, that’s great, that’s exactly what the show is all about.”

Today my guest is producer and presenter Martin Quibell. Martin presents Pods Like Us in which he chats with fellow independent podcasters about their shows. Having been a fan of podcasts for over a decade, Martin decided to produce his own series and blog that helps to promote podcasts that he not only likes, but thinks need valuable promotion. Martin was and is a great supporter of The Comfortable Spot and I was keen to have him as a guest to not only find out more about his show, but also to thank him on behalf of fellow independent podcasters around the world who benefit every week from his work, so I hope you are sitting comfortably and happy to say with us.

Our conversation started with me asking Martin when his love of podcasting kicked off (03:05), how he started producing podcasts himself (06:30), and why he decided to interview fellow podcasters (08:50). We then talked about the difficulties of having guests with very different backgrounds each week (15:47), whether certain styles and trends are geographical or a result of the personalities of the hosts (20:12), and the differences between podcasting and radio programming (25:05). Lastly, we discussed some podcast productions that Martin would like to recommend (31:54).

Show Notes

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By Ken Sweeney

Podcast host and producer.

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