David Goldstrom

“You are seeing better coaches going in and supporting women’s ski jumping and obviously that’s important, but it’s also important that there is a level of support from national federations, and the reality is that to develop a ski jumping team you’re talking about eight to ten years and when you look at that you not only have to have talent, but also passion as a coach to be able to drive and provide that enthusiasm and support to enable the women to improve. The development of women’s sport is really, really important and it’s recognised by the IOC and is recognised by the fact that we are now seeing across the board the requirement for sports to have equal medal opportunities.

Today my guest is broadcaster David Goldstrom. Over the past twenty years David’s commentary and voiceover work has embraced Ski Sunday, the Commonwealth Games and numerous Summer and Winter Olympics, including Tokyo 2021 and Beijing 2022, David is presently a Senior Commentator for Discovery/Eurosport focusing on the Winter World Cup Ski and Ski Jumping season along with the major Canoeing, Rowing, Weightlifting and Equestrian Championships of the year. I was delighted to have David with me to chat about his career and winter sports in general, so I hope you are sitting comfortably and hope you will stay with us.

We began our conversation with me asking David to describe the art of ski jumping (00:10), how David began his career and what drew him to winter sports (01:44), as well as the story behind the success of Eurosport (06:26). We then talked about what he thinks the next big event in winter sports will be (10:38), the effects of climate change on winter sports (14:40), and rising costs of staging Olympic games (17:38). I was keen to ask David what his favourite Olympic games were (22:12), as well as British sports development (26:25), and the rising popularity and success of women’s winter events (30:12). As we drew towards the end of our conversation, I asked David what he is watching or reading at the moment (38:55).

Show Notes

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By Ken Sweeney

Podcast host and producer.

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