Rob Lilley

Today, I’m joined by audio producer and podcaster Rob Lilley. Rob is one half of a duo who host the increasingly popular podcast The Euro Trip Eurovision Podcast. With his co-host James Rowe, their podcast has managed to capture the fun and excitement that arrives on our television screens every May in the form of the Eurovision Song Contest which is a pan-European song competition that has been running since 1956. Having been a fan of the event for a long time, I was delighted have a chat with Rob about the competition and run through its history and also what we can expect in this year’s show.

We kicked off our chat with me admitting that I am a fan of the Eurovision (01:19) before taking a look at Ireland’s performance in the contest and the fact that they still hold the record for most winds after almost twenty five years (01:46). We chatted about the origins of the competition and (04:00), his love for Eurovision and the idea behind his podcast with James Rowe (06:46), the growth of the competition as a all year event (10:00), controversial moments over the last few decades (13:00), the record number of times the UK has finished second (16:30) and it’s growth as a Europe only competition (23:05). Midway though the chat, we looked at the all time favourite songs (28:36), Rob’s podcast and where to find it (35:35) and who is going to win in 2022 (37:15).

Show Notes

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By Ken Sweeney

Podcast host and producer.

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