Moe Dunford

Today, I’m joined by actor Moe Dunford. A native of Waterford in Ireland, Moe has built up an impressive career in both television and film. His standout role for television was the History Channel drama The Vikings and recently, Moe was the lead role in the acclaimed Nexflix film Nightride, in which his character, Budge, spends a hyper stressed night driving across the city of Belfast in an effort to complete one last job and escape the criminal underworld. I met up with Moe in his home town of Dungarvan for a chat about his career. This episode is slightly longer than usual, as we covered a lot of ground, so I hope you are sitting comfortably and happy to stay with us.

As we sat in Moe’s local bar, Mary’s, we started off with a quick chat about Moe’s career and some of the recent TV drama he has worked on (02:30). I asked Moe how he got into acting (03:30) and we continued with his story about being a student in the Gaiety School of Acting and working in a team (08:15). I then asked Moe about his decision to base himself in Ireland (09:02) and our conversation moved on to his role as the lead character, Patrick, in Patrick’s Day and the techniques he used in playing the part (11:29). Next up, we talked about striking a balance between TV and film (21:00) and the effect of watching film on steaming platforms versus in the cinema.

I then chatted with Moe about his latest films, starting off with Nightride (24:26) and then moving on to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (35:30). Towards the end of the chat, we talked about some new projects (44:48) and the Gabriel Byrne autobiography that he is reading at the moment (50:51).

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